Guide for Environmentally Responsible Visitors

Guide for Environmentally Responsible Visitors

A Guide for the Socially and Environmentally Responsible Visitor

Welina, he mai i Hawai’i” – Welcome to Hawai’i. We hope you will be inspired by all the lovely images and warm feelings that our island paradise has offered sojourners from time immemorial. For many folks lucky enough to live here the charm of these islands is a constant and pervasive force that causes us to appreciate a special sense of community and care for our natural environment in a way we simply call “aloha”.

Islanders who have watched the phenomena of “ecotourism” evolve have sometimes been dismayed at what appears from our vantage point to be an abuse of that label. Should a clearer understanding of the standards and responsibilities implied by ecotourism make a difference to YOU? We hope so.

The care you may share with us for this very special place is of immense importance and can be constructively used to help insure that the paradise you’ve come to find will never become a paradise lost.

While you’re here we invite you to come on one of our hikes or participate in a beach clean up. Please check our Outings Page.

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