Principles of Responsible Tourism

To promote a visitor industry that is environmentally and culturally sensitive. Adopted by Partners of the Aloha `Aina Guidepost.

  1. Know Before You Go: Being aware of and respecting an area’s unique aspects such as local customs, climate, language, manners and religious beliefs greatly improves chances of cordial relations with locals.
  2. Tread Lightly: Low impact travel (hiking and biking, etc.) is healthy for ourselves as well as our planet. Try to leave any place we touch on our journeys in as good or better condition than we found it. “Leave only footprints, take only pictures.”
  3. If Not Us, Who? Every one of our actions AND INACTIONS is a vote, either ‘pro’ or ‘con’ survival of our environment, our planet. The responsibility for making optimum choices in our daily lives is ever present and travels with us. First, do no harm.
  4. As A Guest, Support Your Host: Acknowledge your host’s contribution to your journey, patronizing locally owned businesses and those who take a similar interest in local conservation efforts.
  5. Travel In a Spirit of Curiosity, Openness, Humility: Travel’s highest rewards can be the people we meet, the friends we make. Opportunities to talk to locals and fellow travellers can help us appreciate our new environs and broaden our horizons. A good way to make friends is to be one.