Air Tours in Hawaii

You can help us address the assault on our once peaceful skies.

Hawai`i, commonly perceived as a tranquil paradise, has, over the past 20 years, become one of the least tranquil places on the planet, at least in terms of what one EXPECTS to find here.

Today, it bears the burden of nearly 50% of the volume of the tour helicopter aviation industry nationwide. It is now simply impossible to go anywhere in the state – even in the state’s two federally designated wilderness areas – and not be bombarded by the effects of helicopter tourism.

Hawai`i, already owning the dubious distinction of the “extinction capital of the world”, is rapidly earning a reputation as the “noise capital of the world”.

What you can do:
Think twice before patronizing the air tour industry at all. Helicopters, by their intensive use of energy and general intrusiveness, are inconsistent with a goal of “low impact” travel and a general sensitivity for the conditions of the host community.
>> See Principles of Responsible Tourism

Gotta Go?
Your decision to favor one operator over another can still have a positive influence. Ask the operator to “stand off” from some of the key areas listed below, highly prized for the rewards of an unmarred wildness on Kaua`i – Kalalau Trail and the valleys of Hanakapiai, Hanakoa, and Kalalau.