The 2018 General Election day is November 6th.  Click here to find your polling place.

One decision can change the future.

We urge you to consider the environment when you vote. Only by electing candidates who share our view on the importance of protecting the environment can we make our state the model for the rest of the nation.

Click here for the 2018 Sierra Club endorsed candidates.


Hawaiʻi Chapter Political Committee
Our political committee works at the local level (county councils, mayors, State legislators, governors, etc) to promote the election of environmentally sensitive candidates to public office by recommending endorsements to the Chapter Executive Committee and maintaining a relationship with those elected.

To learn more about our endorsement process, click here.

The Hawaiʻi Chapter and its four regional groups each have their own Political Committee, with representatives from each county on the Chapter Political Committee.

2018 Hawaiʻi Chapter Political Committee
Chair: Jonathan Scheuer
Vice Chair: Lucienne De Naie
Compliance officer: Kylie Wager
Kaua‘i Voting Member: Judy Dalton
O‘ahu Voting Member: Steve Montgomery
Maui Voting Member: Rob Weltman
Moku Loa Voting Member: Cory Harden
At-Large Members: Gary Gill, Wayne Tanaka

Capitol Watch
In order to give our Hawai‘i members a strong effective voice at the State Capitol, the Sierra Club of Hawaiʻi created Capitol Watch, a legislative advocacy program that monitors bills and alerts members so they can lobby the legislature, the administration, and state agencies to protect Hawaiʻi’s natural resources and improve the health and safety of Hawai‘i’s people. Visit our Capitol Watch page here.